Expert Longarm Quilting Services

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Let us complete your quilt top!

After all the cutting and piecing of a quilt top is completed, it’s now time to decide how to finish your quilt. We offer expert long-arm machine quilting to complement your design. We understand that a lot of hard work goes into creating a quilt top, and we treat every quilt as a unique work of art. Exactly how much of the finishing process we complete, is up to you. We have special packages that suit every quilt and every budget. Take a minute to read about the services we offer below.

Many of our services are priced per square inch of quilt top. Every quilt will be stitched with a new needle and includes a design consultation with Andy either by Facetime, phone, or in person at the studio.  Thread is included if we have the color you like in stock, however, if we have to order thread than it will be billed separately. Each color change will be billed at $5. Batting will also be charged separately as costs vary widely. We stock Hobbs 80/20 and Quilter’s Dream 100% Cotton. 

In order to figure out your total cost, first measure the length and width of your quilt. For example, if your quilt measures 72” long by 58” wide, then multiply 72 x 58 = 4,178. Then you multiply that number (4,178) by the service price to determine the approximate quilting cost.  During the design consultation, Doc will explain your design options and calculate the exact cost of your quilt before starting. Remember that everything is negotiable and we have quilting solutions for every budget.

Services Offered:

Please note that the prices indicated below are to give you an approximate quilt finishing cost and that prices are subject to change. 

All Over or “Edge-to-Edge” Quilting

Choosing from thousands of complimentary designs, our state-of-the-art Gammill Statler will stitch the same pattern over the entire quilt. 

            $.02 per square inch for most designs, more complex (dense) quilting designs may cost slightly more

Simple Meander (large stipple) 

            $.015 per square inch for most quilts. 


Semi-Custom Quilting

This level of quilting combines an all-over design, with other elements like a custom border, sashing, or stitching around individual applique designs. 

            $.035 per square inch for most designs; however this may vary with more time-consuming projects 

$.10 per linear inch of “stitch in the ditch” (when paired with another service) If the quilt is all “stitch in the ditch,” a custom quote will be provided by Doc


Custom Quilting

For those extra special quilts that have unique finishing needs, the Andy will work closely with the quiltmaker to develop a unique quilting plan to complement and enhance the piecing. 

Prices for custom quilting vary widely, and Andy will quote a total price for these special projects on a case-by-case basis.


Simple Meander (large stipple) or simple channel (straight line) quilting 

            $.015 per square inch for most quilts; complex or dense quilting will be quoted as a custom order 


Top Preparation for Hand Quilting or Domestic Free Motion (Basting)

For hand quilters, we will prepare your quilt for the hoop/frame by temporarily basting the quilt to keep it in place while you quilt or tie by hand. We have many customers who enjoy free-motion quilting at home, and our basting service makes this process even easier– removing the need to pull safety pins, or to use binding spray (which can change the hand of the quilt or “gunk up” your needle). We baste in a constrasting color thread about every 10” both horizontally and vertically. Basting is billed by measuring the longest side of your quilt top and then using the chart below:

Longest size up to 45”: $25 

Longest size up to 45”-60”: $30

Longest size up to 60”- 80”: $35

Longest size up to 80-95”: $40

Longest size up to 95-108”: $45

Longest size over 108”: $50


Applique Stich-Down

Love the look of applique, but hate sewing it down? For those quilters who applique, we will stitch your pinned or fused applique down during quilting. Please watch Doc’s video, “How to Prepare Longarm Applique for the Long Arm” for ideas on how to make beautiful, complex quilts, very quickly with this service.

Pricing for this service varies widely and will be quoted before work begins. Usually about $.04 per square inch.


Binding Service

We can do as much or as little of the binding as you wish. We can make the binding from your fabric and attach it to the front by machine so it’s all ready for you to stitch it to the back by hand in the traditional manner. We can also stitch it to the back by machine or by hand. If we are not binding your quilt, we can trim your quilt (cut the excess fabric away) to your specifications or leave it attached for you to complete at home.

$.10 per linear inch of binding (to attach by machine (customer provides binding)

$.15 per linear inch of binding (to attach to both sides by machine)

 $.25 per linear inch of binding (to attach by machine and hand sew to the back)

$10 per quilt for trimming (no binding)

$20 per quilt (make binding-customer provides fabric)

Quilt Backing Preparation/Repair etc…

Piecing and pressing of the backing fabric 

            $30 per hour (half hour minimum)


Quilt repair – Antique finishing

Did the new puppy chew the corner of your favorite quilt? Did a little angel create a stain on a family heirloom? Did you find an exquisite antique top at an estate sale that needs repair? Well never fear, quilts are often repairable and Andy is skilled at creatively finding ways to correct or finish these treasured family heirlooms. 

Pricing for this service varies, and will be determined during your consultation with Doc.

Muslin Storage Bag

Protect your treasured family heirloom with a muslin storage bag created just for your quilt. Each bag includes a customized label to make identifying your quilt a snap. Send some of your quilt scraps with your quilt top and Andy will use them to create the bag that can be used should emergency repair be necessary in future.

            $15 per bag (muslin)

            $30 per bag (pieced)


Repair Kit

While piecing your quilt, make sure to save a few extra pieces and large scraps.  Please include these with your quilt in a ziplock bag. These scraps will be sewn into a small muslin bag to be laundered each time you launder your quilt. By laundering the repair kit with your quilt, it insures that if the quilt ever needs repair your fabric will match exactly because it will have been washed/faded similarly. This is great for kids’ quilts or baby quilts that are bound to be loved and laundered a great deal.

            $10 for each repair kit


Quilt labeling

Insure that future generations will know who and when your quilt was created. We can embroider a tasteful label to be sewn into the binding seam of the quilt, which will then be slipstitched (by hand) to the back.

            $15 for embroidering the label (basic – text only)

            $20 for embroidering the label, attaching the label into the binding seam (you slipstitch)

            $29 embroidering the label into the binding seam and hand stitching to the back


In a hurry?

Do you need your quilt completed yesterday? Often we can accommodate quilting needs on last minute basis for $50 fee. During peak times (from October to January) this fee may increase depending on current workload in the studio.


Want to learn to longarm? 

Doc is an award-winning teacher and the Gammill Statler system is very intuitive and easy longarm system to learn. Your first quilt will be billed at the regular quilt price above, plus a $100 instruction fee. You will quilt the quilt, but Doc will walk you through the steps of loading your quilt, setting up the quilting, and finishing your project. Depending on the size of your project, this takes on average about 4 hours. Once you’ve completed the first session, you can rent time on the longarm at a rate commensurate with the amount of support you need to finish your projects.


The Fine Print

Customers agree to acknowledge Andy Wiginton of the Peculiar Peony as the quilter of their quilt if it is displayed in public at any time and/or published in any book, magazine, etc. Unless otherwise stipulated customers will pay all quilting and shipping costs before the quilt is released from the studio.Longarm quilting is a subjective art form. Every effort will be made to meet customer’s expectations and to communicate about any problems that arise as they come. Our goal is “no surprises,” and we often communicate with customers during quilting to clarify expectations and make last-minute design decisions. When a quilt is released into the care of The Peculiar Peony, customers understand that they will not receive their quilt back until all payment has been received in full (unless other arrangements have been made in writing).