Who we are

We had many opportunities to meet when we were growing up in the same small town in Michigan but somehow we never did. Nearly two decades later, while were finishing our graduate degrees in Madison, Wisconsin we found each other, fell in love and got married.  Now we live in the New Jersey Highlands with our two dogs Puck and Brooks, a mob of deer, a sloth of bears, a gang of turkeys, and a scurry of mischievous chipmunks who dodge the golden hawk who lives on our roof who we affectionately call the General.  Self styled luxury enthusiasts we go on all kinds of adventures to find the beautiful peculiar. Whether we are just taking a turn around the yard to check on our strange and wonderful plants or traveling to see our strange and wonderful friends and family, we seek the beautiful and the peculiar everywhere. This is what we try to infuse in our creations.



Andy “Doc” Wiginton, PhD MFA

In 2018, Andy left a life in theatre and theatre education to quilt full-time. Andy has lived all over the world, studied at prestigious institutions both domestically and abroad and holds degrees from the University of Michigan Residential College, Sarah Lawrence College and The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Andy began quilting in 2008 when he needed baby shower gifts and had no money to buy them on his graduate student stipend. Over the years, whenever Andy needed some focused quiet time, he sat down to his sewing machine for some making meditation. Over the years, he began teaching others to quilt and found himself completely immersed in the world of fabric. In 2016, Andy began quilting for others and in 2018 purchased a 16’ Gammil Statler Longarm Quilting system. Presently, Andy is quilting for others; working on his new web series, and developing designs for competition and gallery shows. Andy’s work blends the traditional with modern; and wrestles with questions about quilt making and performance.

Our images

The Peculiar Peony celebrates the peculiar in the world around us and in each of us. Nature provides us with countless examples of peculiar perfection. Our aim is to capture that beauty and share it. We hope our pieces inspire moments of quiet reflection, aesthetic pleasure, and the joy that comes with finding beauty in the familiar. We hope that our images allow you to see something familiar differently or perhaps, to see something new for the first time. Our goal is that there is something here to inspire everyone: a box of notecards to leave as a hostess gift, a curated collection of metal prints to brighten a kitchen or a family room; or one of our signed one-of-a-kind original pieces to hang in your home or your office.